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 In today's fast paced global economy the ability to transfer files between organizations is becoming increasingly critical. In many cases sending files via CD , Dat tape or on a floppy is just simply no longer an option due to shortened delivery times and the need to respond quickly. Our product will ensure that you can transfer large files easily using the web based file manager that eliminates the hassles of using other electronic methods.

Windows Server 2012 Installation Instructions

The following prerequisites will be verified as part of the installing Web File Transfer. If they are not installed they will be downloaded from the manufacturers web site and installed during installation.
  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 
  SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework (32-bit) 
  Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable.


  Step 1 Ensure you have IIS 6 Management Compatibility Role Service Installed.  ( See Below )
  Step 2 Ensure you have Application Development Role Service Installed.  ( See Below )
  Step 3 Ensure that the .NET Framework 4.5 is installed. ( See Below ).
  Step 4 You should now update your system with the latest patches from Microsoft in particular for the .NET Framework as well as IIS.
  Step 5 Run setup.exe that is part of the download from our web site and follow the instructions. ( See Below )  
  Step 6 Assign Web File Transfer to a Classic .NET AppPool. ( See Below )
  Step 7 Update the Advanced settings of the Classic .NET AppPool to Enable 32-bit Applications as well as ensure that the Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Classic (See Below )
  Step 8 Restart IIS
  Step 9 You can now logon to the Web File Transfer system using the icon that is placed on your desktop.

.NET Framework Must Be Installed.

  Ensure that the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is installed.


IIS 6 Management Compatibility and Application Development Role Service Must Be Installed

  Ensure that the Application Development Role is installed.
Ensure that the IIS 6 Management Compatibility Role installed.


Web File Transfer Installation

  Double Click on setup.exe that is located in the directory you unzipped the web file transfer download to.



 Click <Next> .



  Click <I agree> and Next if you agree to the Terms .


  Enter a Value for the <Virtual Directory> or take the default. This field will determine a portion of the URL that will be used to go the Web Site.  For example if your server name is name is Hercules you will access the new web site by entering http://hercules/WebFileXFRv60/login.aspx
Depending on your Operating System you may not be asked to choose an Application Pool.
Click <Next> .


 Click <Next> .


  The table below will describe the purpose of the fields on this screen.



Root Folder of Web Server

This is the Home folder from your Default Web Site in IIS

Web Application Subfolder

This is the Virtual folder field you entered on a previous screen.

Web Application Logon URL

The URL you will type in to access the Web Site on your internal network.

File Store Root Folder

This is the root folder where you will store the directories for each account. Under the directory for each account is where the files will be uploaded and downloaded to and from. Note that this folder should be on a hard drive local to the computer you are installing the software on.

Database Folder

This is the folder where the Microsoft Access Database will be stored that is used to store your account information.

Temporary File Transfer Folder

During the file upload and zip and download process a temporary folder is needed to store files.

Temporary Web Link Folder

When sending e-mails to for files with a web link a temporary folder is needed to store any zipped data..

Account To Grant Access

In order for this software to function properly these accounts must have full access to the directories contained in the group displayed above.

  Click <Grant Access> . A message will pop up indicating if access was successfully granted. If for some reason you are not successful you should manually grant access to the folders before continuing. After granting access manually click the <Grant Access>  button.
Click <Continue> .



  Click <Close>


  Ensure Web File Transfer is assigned to Classic .NET AppPool


  Update the Advanced settings of the Classic .NET AppPool.


  Ensure Enable 32-Bit Applications is set to True
Ensure Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Classic



  You can now log on to your web site using the URL displayed as the Web Application Logon URL during installation. Note that the default UserID = admin and default Password = admin. It is highly recommended that you change the password after installation. 



Version 6.5

(Oct 25th 2014)
Ability to download files in standard zip format incorporated.         Release Notes

Version 6.4

(May 6th 2014)
Ability to e-mail web links to upload files now implemented.        Release Notes

Version 6.3

(Oct 28th 2013)
Web link management incorporated.                Release Notes

Version 6.2

(Sept 23rd 2013)
User interface improvement.                Release Notes

Version 6.1

(Mar 30th 2013)
Account type enhancement.                Release Notes

Version 6.0

(Feb 22nd 2013)
File upload enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.5

(Apr 5th 2012)
Page layout enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.4

(Mar 28th 2012)
Communication enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.3

(Sept 12th 2011)
Security enhancements.                Release Notes  

Version 5.2

(May 23rd 2011)
Enhanced User Interface.                Release Notes

Version 5.0

(Aug 21st 2010)
Support for multiple languages incorporated. Release Notes   

Version 4.3

(Dec 20th 2009)
Enhanced user control on the Upload Page.    Release Notes

Version 4.2

(Sept 3rd 2009)
Ability to e-mail web links for folders now incorporated.        Release Notes  

Version 4.0

(Mar 17th 2009)
Ability to e-mail web links for a file now incorporated.        Release Notes   

(Nov 2nd 2008)
Enhancements to Group functionality.  Enhancement Notes

(Sept 15th 2008)
Windows Server 2008 certification complete. Installation Notes

Version 3.5

(May 5th 2008)
Group accounts to facilitate improved file distribution being added to our web file server. Release Notes

Version 3.1

(Jan 28th 2008)
Enhancements for external SMTP Server Utilization, Links Page and more.              Release Notes

Version 3.0

(Sept 28th 2007)
Significant revision completed to improve user interface and menu system.

 Version 2.1

(Apr 17th 2007)
Enhanced security features incorporated.

Version 2.0

(Nov 30th 2006)
Major upgrade to utilize ASP.NET 2.0 technology completed.

Version 1.5

(May 31st 2006)

Incorporated Integrated File Management to automatically purge files older than a specified number of days.

Version 1.4

( Jan 31st 2006)

All reports are now exportable to Excel or PDF Format.

Version 1.3

( Dec12th 2005)

Incorporated the logging of all uploads and downloads.


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