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 In today's fast paced global economy the ability to transfer files between organizations is becoming increasingly critical. In many cases sending files via CD , Dat tape or on a floppy is just simply no longer an option due to shortened delivery times and the need to respond quickly. Our product will ensure that you can transfer large files easily using the web based file manager that eliminates the hassles of using other electronic methods.

See what customers have to say about our Web File Manager

I don't know if you are the guy who wrote this program, but I must tell you, it is really, really sweet. We love it, simple to use, setup in minutes and customers love it. A million-dollar performance and look at a great price.

Fantastic software.

Allen Gasper

After alot of research for a web file manager solution, we decided on Web File Transfer by Seebaysh Software.  Overall we are very pleased with the software.  Seebaysh was very professional and helpful in customizing and testing the Web File Transfer program.  We look forward to working with Seebaysh again in the future.

John Bellendir

Vice President

Logon Group, Inc.

After months of searching and testing various packages, we have finally settled on Web File Transfer.

Our company relies on fast secure and easy file transfer between our events & conference department and clients worldwide.

Transferring presentations, photos and videos is no longer an issue to us or our clients.

FTP is dead, long live WFT.

 Above all else we will only work with people who are proactive, responsive and helpful, everything the people at SeeBaysh are.

Yours Sincerely

Steve Potter

IT Manager

MEDIAmaker Ltd

Part of SSP PLC

mm logo


Great product, by the way. I spent over eight hours searching for a package that would meet our requirements -- most importantly:

1) private storage area for each user's files -- confidential financial information is often uploaded

2) self account registration so our IT department doesn't have to create user accounts

3) email notifications to affected parties when uploads or downloads occur so our IT department doesn't have to notify individuals when something comes in for them

Yours was the only product I could find that does a great job with all these things. Thanks for making it.

Troy Cunningham

Smith & Gesteland, LLP



"File exchange through the Internet is part of our business. Web File Transfer is a secured, stable, and flexible system to fulfill our business needs."


Best regards,

Wing Hui
Regional Network Controller
The Continuity Company Limited

Version 6.5

(Oct 25th 2014)
Ability to download files in standard zip format incorporated.         Release Notes

Version 6.4

(May 6th 2014)
Ability to e-mail web links to upload files now implemented.        Release Notes

Version 6.3

(Oct 28th 2013)
Web link management incorporated.                Release Notes

Version 6.2

(Sept 23rd 2013)
User interface improvement.                Release Notes

Version 6.1

(Mar 30th 2013)
Account type enhancement.                Release Notes

Version 6.0

(Feb 22nd 2013)
File upload enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.5

(Apr 5th 2012)
Page layout enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.4

(Mar 28th 2012)
Communication enhancements.                Release Notes

Version 5.3

(Sept 12th 2011)
Security enhancements.                Release Notes  

Version 5.2

(May 23rd 2011)
Enhanced User Interface.                Release Notes

Version 5.0

(Aug 21st 2010)
Support for multiple languages incorporated. Release Notes   

Version 4.3

(Dec 20th 2009)
Enhanced user control on the Upload Page.    Release Notes

Version 4.2

(Sept 3rd 2009)
Ability to e-mail web links for folders now incorporated.        Release Notes  

Version 4.0

(Mar 17th 2009)
Ability to e-mail web links for a file now incorporated.        Release Notes  

(Nov 2nd 2008)
Enhancements to Group functionality.  Enhancement Notes

(Sept 15th 2008)
Windows Server 2008 certification complete. Installation Notes

Version 3.5

(May 5th 2008)
Group accounts to facilitate improved file distribution being added to our web file server. Release Notes

Version 3.1

(Jan 28th 2008)
Enhancements for external SMTP Server Utilization, Links Page and more.           Release Notes

Version 3.0

(Sept 28th 2007)
Significant revision completed to improve user interface and menu system.

Version 2.1

(Apr 17th 2007)
Enhanced security features incorporated.

Version 2.0

(Nov 30th 2006)
Major upgrade to utilize ASP.NET 2.0 technology completed.

Version 1.5         (May 31st 2006)

Incorporated Integrated File Management to automatically purge files older than a specified number of days.

Version 1.4             ( Jan 31st 2006)

All reports are now exportable to Excel or PDF Format.

Version 1.3             ( Dec12th 2005)

Incorporated the logging of all uploads and downloads.


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